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The Amazing Tattoo

From its early days, the Edinburgh Tattoo has been an international favourite. Performers from over 40 countries have presented here, and around 35 per cent of the 217,000 audience each year are from overseas. In addition, the Tattoo has been televised in 30 countries. An annual television audience of 100 million watches the coverage worldwide.

The first Edinburgh Tattoo took place in 1950. There were eight items in the programme.

More than 12 million people have attended the Tattoo. The annual audience is around 217,000.

Around 100 million people see the Tattoo each year on international television.

Approximately 70 per cent of each audience is from outwith Scotland. Half of these are from overseas.

The average number of participants is 1000.

The Tattoo is set up and run for charitable purposes. Over the years, it has gifted some £5 million to service and civilian organisations.

Around 35 miles of cabling (the distance from Edinburgh to Glasgow) is required.

Not a single performance of the Tattoo has ever been cancelled.

Over 40 countries have been represented at the Tattoo.